Dangerous landing of helicopter in Kedarnath, strict instructions issued by DGCA, watch video

Uttarakhand News: Uncontrolled hard landing of a private airline helicopter at Kedarnath helipad. No passenger was injured in the incident.
Dangerous landing of helicopter in Kedarnath, strict instructions issued by DGCA, watch video
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Uttarakhand News: A major accident was averted in Kedarnath. Here a passenger helicopter went out of control while landing on the helipad. Meanwhile, the people there became frightened. A video of the incident has also surfaced, which is going viral on social media. Taking note of this matter, the Directorate General of Civil Aviation has issued strict instructions. The incident is being reported on May 31.

The DGCA took the incident seriously.

The DGCA has taken this incident seriously. Issuing SOP, he warned of stern action against negligent operators and operating personnel. In view of such actions, an advisory is being issued to all operators for strict adherence to safety rules.

Start investigating the case

The DGCA is investigating the matter. He said that a guideline has been issued for the operation of aircraft in Kedar Valley. Aircraft can be operated according to these instructions. Strict action will be taken against those who break the law. The SOP states that pilots flying on Char Dham routes should be properly qualified.

Badrinath and Kedarnath Yatra begins

We tell you that Char Dham Yatra is very important and pure in Hinduism. It is believed that every Hindu must perform Char Dham Yatra once in his life. Haridwar is a traditional place to start the Char Dham Yatra of Uttarakhand. Badrinath Yatra started on 8th May and Kedarnath Yatra started on 6th May.

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