Dad got angry because of having 4 daughters, dancing all over Bollywood today

Mumbai – In India, women are given the status of goddesses. Even in Hinduism, people consider women as goddesses. Without women, there would be no human beings in the world. He is the basic benefactor of the world and yet he is not respected in our society. It would not be wrong to say that the perception of women has also changed a bit, but there are still some backward villages where mourning is observed when girls are born.

Shakti Mohan, Niti Mohan, Mukti Mohan and Kirti Mohan’s father’s thoughts were like this, now you must be wondering who is this, then we tell you that these celebrities are a well known name in Bollywood industry today! Today these celebrities are also ruling in Bollywood, but there was a time when their father Brij Mohan Sharma was very angry about the birth of four daughters and he did not even approve of having four daughters but it was his daughter. Today people know them, now their fathers believe that girls are no less than anyone! Let’s not know about these girls-

Nitish Mohan, the eldest of her sisters and now a well known singer in Bollywood, has sung in many films so far and she also sang the love song from the film Student of the Year, which has gained a lot of popularity. Lots of popularity.!

Kriti Mohan is the youngest of her sisters even though she is not in the film industry but despite being away from the glamor industry she works as a software engineer in a reputed company!

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Mukti Mohan is also a choreographer like her sister Shakti Mohan. She has also choreographed in many films! Shakti Mohan is a famous Bollywood choreographer of today and he is also the winner of Dance India Dance reality show and nowadays he is seen as a judge in many reality shows!

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