COVID19 : Must follow guidelines for your safety if anyone in or around your home comes from Britain

COVID19: If someone from your home or neighborhood comes from the UK, you must follow the guidelines for your safety.

Ahmedabad: A new coronavirus strain of corona has been found in Britain. As a result, many European countries have banned travel from Britain. In this context, the Indian government has also banned flights from Britain till 31 December. Five passengers were positive on the last flight to Britain yesterday after the ban. Now the Gujarat government has decided to take strict action in this regard. The state government has issued guidelines for travelers to India from the UK.

The state government has been urged to be vigilant in case of new strain of Kovid-19 virus. The state government has ordered surveillance in all the districts. All passengers arriving from the UK have been instructed to keep an eye on them. As per the guidelines of the state government, samples should be sent to the Pune lab along with the corona positive report of any passenger. Patients returning to the UK have been instructed to be kept in a separate isolation ward if new strains are found.

About 4350 passengers have come to Ahmedabad from UK in the last one month. About 1,500 passengers arrived at the country’s various airports from Britain on Tuesday. Of the 1,500 passengers who arrived in India yesterday, 23 reported positive corona. About 275 passengers, including crew members, arrived at Ahmedabad airport from the UK on December 21. In Ahmedabad, all the RTPCR tested 4 passengers were infected with corona. Passengers whose reports are negative will also have to stay in the home quarantine for 14 days. But in the last one month, more than 50,000 passengers have come to India from the UK. In the last one month, 16,281 passengers in Delhi and 8,748 in Mumbai have come to India from Britain. Now India is also forced to take serious steps with a new strain of the virus.

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“Given the current situation in the UK, the Indian government has decided to suspend all flights from the UK to India until December 31, 2020,” the government said in a tweet. The ban will start tonight at 12 noon. Which will continue till midnight on 31st December.

What is Corona’s new strain
Corona’s new strain VUI-202012/01 has been found in Britain. Britain has tightened the rules there. Many European countries, including France, Germany and the Netherlands, have banned flights to the UK. The World Health Organization is researching a new strain of corona.

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