Covid-19: Learn how reusing a face mask is more risky than not using it completely.

Covid-19: Learn how reusing a face mask is more risky than not using it completely.

New Delhi: Masks are a great way to protect yourself during an epidemic. Good quality masks can reduce the risk of infection by up to 70 percent. Many types of masks like – Surgical Mask, N95 Mask, Disposable Mask, Surgical Mask is very suitable among all these. Reusable cloth masks are economical and environmentally friendly.

In fact, it is best to reuse the mask more than once and avoid the risk of Covid-19 infection. But new research shows that long-term use of masks in epidemics can be worse and more dangerous than not wearing masks. Researchers say that reuse of fabric and size is a major cause of surgical mask failure. After repeated use and exposure, the mask loosens to its original appearance.

Fabrics made using different absorbent layers may become dull and less effective over time. Using a computer model, the researchers said that the fabric of the mask not only changes the way air enters the mouth and nasal cavity, but also the condition and type of the mask affects the risk of infection. In comparison, newer, fresher masks offer more protection and functionality. Previously used masks have very little effect, meaning that less than 60 percent can filter out viruses.

The second aspect to consider when choosing a reusable or surgical mask is to examine the type of fabric used. Due to environmental conditions and prolonged use, the quality of the fabric decreases. In such a situation, it is natural that the effect will be less with more use. Care should also be taken when using cloth masks for fashion. According to experts, the low quality of the fabric also affects the mask. Masks should be used to cover the face.

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Disposable masks should not be used for a long time. Reusable masks may also have an expiration date. The best time to change or bring a new mask depends on a lot of things. People who travel regularly or meet people or the medical community need to change their masks frequently.

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