Coronavirus Omicron Alternative Discussion at the Election Commission Health Ministry Meeting Discusses Rally Road Show Rules to Prevent Covid 19 | Coronavirus: Meeting of Ministry of Health with Election Commission, Road Show-Rally

Assembly Election 2022: The Election Commission held a meeting today amid growing cases of corona virus. Officials from the Ministry of Home Affairs, Policy Commission and Ministry of Health took part.

Coronavirus: Meeting of Ministry of Health with Election Commission, Road Show-Rally

Election Commission.

Election Commission meeting on Kovid-19: The Ministry of Health and the Election Commission held a meeting on Thursday. Where Union Health Secretary Rajesh Bhushan briefed the Election Commission of India officials about the Covid-19 situation in the country. Policy Commission Member (Health) Dr. VK Paul, Chief Election Commissioner Sushil Chandra and Home Ministry officials were also present at the virtual meeting. VK Paul agreed with the opinion of the Election Commission that in the present situation, large rallies and road shows should not be held, the political parties themselves should stop it.

During the meeting with the Election Commission, Union Home Secretary AK Valla discussed all issues including the movement of security agencies to conduct the elections during the Corona. The meeting discussed the report presented by the Ministry of Health. The meeting was held amid growing cases of new form of corona virus Omicron in the country. VK Paul (Dr. VK Paul), a member of the NITI Commission and chairman of the Corona Task Force, on the report submitted by the Ministry of Health on Omicron. Let me inform you, the Election Commission is meeting for two days in a row.

Discuss these issues

Other aspects to be discussed include protocols and rules regarding Covid-19 for political party star campaigners, covid-related consent rules for candidates at the time of nomination, rules of meetings and functions of political parties, door restrictions. Issues such as rules and obligations related to two door campaigns and large rallies, road shows, programs (Kovid-19 rule in elections).

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Big jump in the case of Corona

In the last 24 hours, there has been a huge leap in the case of corona virus in India. During this time, 90,928 new cases, 19,206 recoveries and 325 deaths have been registered (India epidemic situation). Now the total number of cases in the country is 3,51,09,286, active cases 2,85,401, total recovery 3,43,41,009 and total deaths 4,82,876. The Ministry of Health says that the total number of cases of Omicron variant in the country has increased to 2,630. Maharashtra and Delhi have the highest number of 797 and 465 cases respectively. In such cases, the contagion may spread further due to assembly and road noise during the election. Because there is a huge crowd of people among them.

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