Coronary infections can be prevented by brushing twice a day, claims British experts

New Delhi: Face masks, hand gloves and sanitizer masks are being used to prevent coronavirus infection. Because no vaccine has yet been developed to prevent coronavirus. A dentist claims that corona can be prevented by brushing with all these remedies. Martin Eddy, a professor in the Department of Dentistry at the University of Bristol, claims that brushing is as important as hand washing.

According to experts in the British newspaper The Telegraph, toothpaste contains ingredients similar to hand-washing soap. It helps prevent the spread of coronavirus orally. Citing this information in the Telegraph, Professor Mirror said in a report that the antimicrobial action lasts three to five hours after brushing using toothpaste. This reduces the risk of salivary infections after the virus enters the mouth.

“People should brush their teeth well before going out,” he said. Also, people should increase their brushing habits. If a person wants to go to a public place, he should clean his teeth first. You also need to pay attention when brushing your teeth. British professors always think seriously about their habit of brushing their teeth. In April of this year he wrote a letter to the British Dental Journal. The letter raises questions about the dentist group.

The World Health Organization has repeatedly recommended hand washing to prevent corona. Similarly, Professor Eddie says you should brush your teeth twice a day. Also, the government should appeal to the media to create awareness about dental health. Oral hygiene should be given priority. Those who are at high risk of corona infection. They need special care. So far no research has been done on the practice of brushing teeth. However, hygiene and regular brushing should be done to prevent the spread of corona. Such is the opinion of experts.

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For research, a team said. Natalie, a professor at Indiana University in the United States, surveyed about 1,500 people. Participants in this survey had to deal with chronic corona infection. Even after recovering from corona, many had problems with hair loss.

Researchers have found that hair loss is one of the 25 symptoms of corona. People who took part in the survey experienced problems such as hair loss, including colds and vomiting. According to experts, the most important cause of viral infections and hair loss is stress. Excessive stress from any illness can cause hair loss.

This condition is also called telogen effluvium. This type of telogen effluvium is caused by any disease, emotional shock, stress and hair loss. Also, there is a lack of nutrients in the body during the change. So the hair falls out. Meanwhile, there is further discussion on the link between coronavirus and hair loss.

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