Corona News: The fourth wave of Corona epidemic is likely to hit the country. The latest news is coming from Mumbai where the number of Corona patients has increased by 50% in 5 days. In Maharashtra, 1,036 new cases were registered on Monday. The highest number of 676 patients was found in Mumbai. After that, the health department is on high alert. At the same time, 3,714 new cases were reported in India in the last 24 hours, 2513 patients were cured and 7 deaths occurred. At present there are 26,976 active cases in the country.

Masks mandatory in Bangalore

Corona cases are on the rise again in Bangalore. In view of this, the city’s civic organization has made it mandatory to wear masks in public places. According to the state health department, 100 new cases were reported in 24 hours in Bangalore’s urban district on May 23 and now the number has more than doubled to 291 on Sunday. People are urged to abide by the rules. Earlier, there was talk of making the mask mandatory in Maharashtra as well, but later the Adu Thackeray government said that it was only advised to do so.

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Beijing was relieved of the Corona sanctions a month later.

At the same time, the Chinese capital, Beijing, on Monday, after more than a month, was greatly relieved by the sanctions on Corona. Public places, such as restaurants, were closed due to partial restrictions imposed to prevent the spread of Corona. When restrictions were eased on Monday, large numbers of people were seen at the restaurant enjoying delicious dishes with their relatives. Sanctions in Beijing were not as severe as in Shanghai, but public transport services were suspended, some were quarantined and most were forced to work from home.