Controversial remarks by Kabir Singh’s director ‘Pyaar hai to thappar v sakte hai’, brawl on social media

Director Sandeep’s controversial remarks have drawn a lot of criticism on social media, with many celebrities protesting.
Controversial remarks by Kabir Singh's director 'Pyaar hai to thappar v sakte hai', brawl on social media

Kabir Singh on his way to becoming the biggest picture of the year. The income of the film has been under discussion for so long, now the matter has come to the director. Its director Sandeep Reddy Bhanga has made a big statement which has set fire to social media. In fact, in an interview with film critic Anupama Chopra, Sandeep said, ‘When you love someone deeply, you are honest with them. I believe that if there is no freedom to slap someone in this relationship, then I do not consider it love. ‘ His statement has caused outrage on social media. Many celebrities have written against his thinking.

Badminton player Jwala Gutta tweeted, ‘Film is a film. Physical abuse is being justified. If you love someone, you have the right to kill them … oh my god. This man must be loved without being physically hurt !! Pity ‘

Apart from Jwala, many women have written against it. One would say, ‘Get this monster out of the industry.’ People were arguing ‘it’s talking so much because its film is gone’. It also read, “This is the mail dominated form of love.”

We inform you that ‘Kabir Singh’ received Rs 9.61 crore yesterday. It received Rs 134.42 crore in the first week and Rs 78.78 crore in the second week. Now the total income is 235.72 crore rupees. Soon, Uri’s revenue will fall by Rs 243.77 crore. In 2019, no film has earned Rs 200 crore like Shahid’s film. The screen of ‘Kabir Singh’ is now around 2000. This is a remake of Telugu movie ‘Arjun Reddy’. Directed by Sandeep Reddy Bhanga, Sandeep also made the original film. It is certain that Kabir Singh may be the highest grossing film of the year this week.

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