Mumbai – Sometimes during the dance and sometimes on the reality show there are incidents where Bollywood actresses fall prey to Uff Moment. Something similar happened with Nora Fatehi. Nora Fatehi went to a reality show a long time ago. Where a person touches him in the wrong place. At that time, this video was widely discussed on social media.

The incident happened with Nora Fatehi on the reality show ‘India’s Best Dancer’. On this show, something happened to Nora on stage that people watched this video over and over again. In this viral video you will see Geeta Kapoor, Nora Fatehi and Terrence Lewis on stage. In the video, Geeta Kapoor is standing in front, Nora Fatehi and Terrence Lewis are a little behind her. These three are folding their hands and bowing to someone. This time, Terrence Lewis accidentally gets his hand on Nora’s back. The video then became quite popular on social media.

A glimpse of this viral video shows that Nora didn’t even know about this touch. Or say he didn’t respond at all. But when this video came on social media, people started talking. Urvashi Rautela was also the victim of such an accident before Nora Fatehi. Urvashi went to the party. Bonnie Kapoor was standing next to him. Bonnie Kapoor’s hand accidentally fell on Urvashi’s back. This video was also in the headlines at the time. However, after this video, the reaction of the actress also came.

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