Charlene Chopra explained the meaning of being invited to dinner in the film world

Charlene has hit a rhythm with the promotion of her new single.
Charlene Chopra explained the meaning of being invited to dinner in the film world

The ‘Me Too’ campaign spread in the film world thanks to Tanushree Dutt is still burning. This time actress Charlene Chopra spoke. He explained the meaning of dinner in Bollywood which is related to this problem.

Charlene Chopra, who rose to fame by posing for daring photos, told reporters in Mumbai what dinner in Bollywood means. Charlene Chopra says that whenever a producer-director in Bollywood invites an actress to dinner, it is important to understand that there will not be just dinner. Rather, sexual benefits will also be sought there. In this context, Charlene Chopra said, ‘When I would go to the producers-directors for work. Then at night he would invite me to dinner. Then the producers would tell the directors why they would come to their office and have dinner now that they had dinner.

In this context, Shalini Chopra further said, ‘Gradually it is understood that dinner means something else. Then I decided that what I really needed to do was learn how to do it right.

Charlene Chopra further said that in Bollywood it is not the job of a producer-director, but a lot of people do it and it happens more with people from small towns. Charlene Chopra has recently launched her new single Tunu Tunu, which she is very excited about.

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