By the end of the 2019 half, the success of these five hits has been the most surprising

More than 30 films have been released so far this year, the most exciting of these five.
By the end of the 2019 half, the success of these five hits has been the most surprising

Half a year has passed … and looking at 2019 from the perspective of the film world, the part that has passed is amazing. In the last six months, seven pictures have crossed 100 crores, earning a lot. There were many hit pictures but there were some that surprised. The series starts with ‘Uri’ and ends with ‘Kabir Singh’, find out about this type of film.


The surgical strike that took place in 2016 was carried out with a budget of only Rs 25 crore. Even director Aditya Dhar had no idea that the film would gross Rs 244.06 crore. Start earning slowly and keep earning for a long time. It was the first success of the year that surprised.

Swear boy

The content of this film was unique to this country. While the films based on music were struggling, the success of this film, far from raising the flag of European culture. The duo of Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt has made this success possible. This picture of Zoya Akhtar has surprised everyone by earning Rs 139.38 crore.


This Hindi adaptation of the Spanish crime thriller ‘The Invisible Guest’ will attract so many people, no one had any idea. The duo of Amitabh Bachchan and Tapsi Pannu has added their old success (Pink). In just a few days, the film has grossed Rs 88.02 crore.

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Tashkent file

A small budget medium film with no big stars and was made for only four crore rupees. It looked like it would be out of theaters in a week, but it kept earning for three weeks. It has earned Rs 16.75 crore. Director Vivek Agnihotri’s film grossed 318.75 per cent and proved to be a super hit.

Kabir Singh

Informed people said about the beginning of this film of Shahid Kapoor which went through a bad episode, even if he gets eight crore rupees is enough. The film has earned 21 crores on the first day. From day one, it started off with a bang, which continues to this day. The movie is set to cross Rs 200 crore, where at one time the total revenue was between Rs 60 crore and Rs 70 crore. This is the blockbuster of this year which is going to be the biggest hit of 2019 People have started estimating that it will exceed 300 crores.

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