Many young people nowadays have turned to business or their own business. Anyway, the government is encouraging Indian start-ups. In this case, we are going to tell you a business idea in which even if you make a small investment, you can have a very good income. This is possible with the flower business. It is a business that is in constant demand from the countryside to the cities. The bigger the flower business, the more profitable and sustainable it will be. This is a business that anyone can do. You too can start this business with very little investment if you wish. As your income grows, so can your business. Learn important things about it.

Learn how to get started.

Different types of flowers are in demand on different occasions. In that case you have to have many kinds of flowers. To start a flower business, you need 1000-1500 square feet of space. You will also need a refrigerator to keep the flowers fresh. Many tools will also be needed for cutting flowers, tying and making bouquets. People may need packing, delivery of flowers. It may take one person to buy flowers from farmers.

The price of rose and marigold flowers is different.

They are sold in the market at more than double the price. If a flower is bought for Rs 3, it is easily sold in the market for Rs 7 to 8. On special occasions this flower will be sold for more than Rs. That way you can estimate how much money you can make. Flower prices vary. There are different prices like rose and marigold. If you invest Rs 50,000, you can get a good return on it. The price at which flowers are bought from farmers.

How to sell flowers?

You can get orders by promoting on social media. You can also get help from Instagram, Facebook. Contact some homes and let them know you will find fresh flowers. When they get fresh flowers, no one can deny it. You start building your customers. You can also use online and offline to promote your sales.