Bride viral video: A wedding video has gone viral on social media in which you can see the bride smoking in front of the guests and making smoke rings. Here the bride is seen smoking and making smoke rings. This video has angered a section of netizens. Times have changed and the way people think about certain things has changed. But when it comes to customs, we are still stuck in the same old boundaries. But social media users weren’t too impressed with the bride. After the completion of all the wedding ceremonies, the bride and groom sat down with their close relatives and enjoyed the wedding invitation.

This is the reality of the video

The bride and groom usually feed each other with their own hands. But here the story of this video is different. Here the bride is seen smoking and making smoke rings. The bride puts something to eat in her mouth and smoke starts coming out of her mouth. Actually, she is not smoking, but the video has been edited in such a way that the food being served feels hot or the pepper is getting hot.

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Criticism on social media

This video of the bride and groom has been shared on Instagram. However, users did not really like the video and wrote some obscene comments. At the same time, some people found the video funny.