Breakup-divorce experts warn cases have increased due to the COVID19 epidemic

Breakup-divorce experts warn cases have increased due to the COVID19 epidemic

New Delhi: Breakups and divorces are on the rise worldwide, including in the United Kingdom, due to the epidemic. However, experts warn that the incidence of breakups may increase due to corona, which means they have yet to come to the top.

Sophie Turner, a 29-year-old woman living in England, and her husband have filed for divorce, according to a BBC report. The two had never discussed their separation before the Corona crisis, but Sophie became very emotional during the epidemic and their marriage broke down.

Stuarts, a British law firm, said there were 122 per cent more inquiries into divorce cases between July and October. The number of people seeking online advice on ending a relationship has increased, says Charity Citizen Advice.

Dividend contract sales rose 34 percent, according to a US law firm. Divorce cases due to corona have also been reported in China. The situation is similar in Sweden. Experts also say that corona has caused many financial losses and people are also suffering from mental health problems. Due to these reasons the incidence of breakup may increase.

Experts say the epidemic has caused tensions and people need to change their way of life. Carly Kinch, who works at a law firm, says the epidemic has brought a huge storm between couples. Due to lockdown and social distance, couples have to spend more time together and this has become detrimental to many couples.

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