Mumbai – Comedy show star Mehta Ka Ulta Chashmah is one of the favorite shows on TV which has been entertaining the viewers for over 13 years now. Each character of the show is special in itself and has taken place in the hearts of the audience. One of these roles is Dayaben, starring actress Disha Bhakani. Disha has not been a part of this comedy TV series since 2017. In 2017, Disha left the TV serial during pregnancy after taking maternity leave and to this day she has not returned to the screen.

It is the result of her popularity that the producers are waiting for her and not bringing any other actress in her place. It was recently reported that Disha Bhakani’s husband has put a total of three conditions in front of the producers and if they accept, Disha Bhakani will be able to return. Fans are also waiting for mercy. Meanwhile, a hot video of famous actress Disha Wakani playing the role of Dayaben is going viral on social media. In this video, Disha is seen not only in hot, but also in bold avatars. This video has been viewed millions of times on YouTube so far.

In this video, Disha Wakani ‘Vigri Ga ….’ The song looks killer. She is seen in blue bodies and skirts. The video is being watched a lot. Once watching the video, fans could not believe that it was their brother-in-law of the same grace who looks quite ordinary on screen in Gujarati style.

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