Box office: ‘The Nun’ has earned so many crores in just three days

Viewers are liking it because of its background score and some of the scary scenes.
Box office: 'The Nun' has earned so many crores in just three days

Viewers who went to take the ‘wife’ close to 100 crores with a smile received another awesome ‘gift’ in the form of ‘The Nun’ from Hollywood last Friday. Visitors’ money has also been loaded. The film has made a lot of money in three days.

Directed by Corinne Hardy, The Nun has grossed Rs 285 million at the Indian box office in just three days of its release. This supernatural horror film is the fifth in the Conjuring series and the spin-off of Conjuring 2. The Nun Indian starring Damien Bichar and Tissa Farminga grossed Rs 80 crore on its opening day at the Indian box office.

Day 1 (Friday) – 8 crore rupees

Day 2 (Saturday) – 10 crore 20 lakh rupees

3rd day (Sunday) – 10 crore rupees

The film has been released on 1803 screens in India. The condition of Indian films released last Friday has worsened due to ‘The Nun’.

The previous film in the same series, Conjuring 2, which came out in 2016, had a turnover of Rs 19.75 crore in three days.

The film has received a lifetime collection of 61 crore 8 lakh rupees.

Annabel Creation of the same series that came last year has earned Rs 22 crore 75 lakh in the first three days.

The Nun is the story of a 1952 monastery in St. Carta, Romania, where Satan lives inside a door. Whoever enters the door will be killed. To escape the devil, the monk even hangs himself. Later a priest and a sister monk were sent there. Gradually they fight that devil. Viewers like this movie because of its background score and some scary scenes that are not usually seen in Indian movies.

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