Box Office: People are not watching Kala in Hindi while making big money in the South

The rest of the versions have grossed over Rs 120 crore worldwide.
Box Office: People are not watching Kala in Hindi while making big money in the South

The color Hindi version may be disappointing at the box office, but the rest of the versions have grossed over Rs 120 crore worldwide.

Pa was released last Thursday. Directed by Ranjit, Kala has collected Rs 122.15 crore worldwide in five days. The film grossed Rs 7 crore 23 lakh at the box office in Chennai, while Rs 47 crore 10 lakh was collected from Tamil Nadu. From Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, the film has grossed only Rs 131 million in five. Day. After Rajinikanth’s remarks on the Kaberi issue, Karnataka faced a lot of opposition and although the film was not released on the first day, the screening of the film started later. Due to this, the film has been taken from Karnataka till now. 8 crore 70 lakh rupees. It has earned itself. The film has collected Rs 4 crore 25 lakh from Kerala.

The worst situation is from other parts of the country, where the Hindi version has been released more. The film has earned five crore rupees from here. Kala has collected Rs 73.15 crore from all over South India.

Kala’s performance in Australia is remarkable. From there, the film grossed Rs 20 million, while Rajinikanth’s highest-grossing circuit earned Rs 13 crore from America. In five days, the film has grossed Rs 44 crore from abroad. Rajinikanth’s previous film Kabbali collected Rs 225 crore from all over the world. Rajinikanth’s Kala (Kala Karikalan) has been released in India and 19 countries around the world. Kala has been released in Tamil as ‘Irumbhai Thirai’. The film was released in Karnataka on Friday. The film was not released in Karnataka on Thursday as the theater owners in Karnataka were not ready to release it due to Rajinikanth’s statement on the Kaberi issue. Kala, directed by Pa Ranjit, is a Tamil original film which has also been released in Telugu, Malayalam and Hindi. The film is produced by Rajinikanth’s son-in-law Dhanush.

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Kala is a gangster drama set in Mumbai. Rajinikanth plays a don in the film, which tells the story of his escape from Tamil Nadu to Mumbai, where he runs his coin in the Dharavi area. This is Rajinikanth’s 164th photo. Nana Patekar has an important role in the film. He will be joined by Huma Qureshi, Anjali Patil, Prakash Raj and Pankaj Tripathi. Ishwari Rao has played the role of Rajinikanth’s wife.

It is said that the film, which was made at a cost of around Rs 140 crore, has so far earned Rs 230 crore from theater and music rights. The film received Rs 70 crore from Tamil Nadu, Rs 33 crore from Andhra Pradesh and Rs 10 crore from Kerala as theater rights. Foreign rights have been sold for Rs 45 crore. Rajinikanth’s last three films Kabbali, Indhiran / Robot and Shivaji the Boss have grossed over Rs 100 crore. The Hindi version of Kabbalah has a collection of 38 crores.

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