Box Office: Impact of ‘Veer The Wedding’ on ‘Atomic’, John’s film may return

Atomic is the only option for family on weekends.
Box Office: Impact of 'Veer The Wedding' on 'Atomic', John's film may return

‘Paramanu’ starring John Abraham and Diana Panetti has the effect of a new release. Even on Friday, John’s movie income was supposed to be above Rs 3 crore, but it did not happen. On the last day it got only 2.05 crores.

‘Beer The Wedding’ has had a very bad effect on the film. The only advantage is that families will not be able to see the movie starring Kareena as it has got an ‘A’ certificate. In such a situation, ‘Atom’ is the only option for the family on weekends.

After eight days, its income is 36.46 crore rupees. The film could earn Rs 43 crore by next Monday.

This will continue until ‘Race 3’ arrives. It has become a win-win deal for manufacturers. The cost of John’s picture was around 30 crores. 5 crore has been spent on publicity and printing. The film, which was made at a cost of Rs 35 crore, received satellite, digital, music and foreign rights for only Rs 28 crore.

It should continue earning for at least two weeks. One can only guess how profitable the film is going to be! The film was released on Friday around 1935. 4.82 crore on the first day. On Saturday, it received Rs 7.64 crore. On Sunday, its revenue stood at Tk 6.32 crore. 20.78 crore was received from the ticket window in the first weekend.

The good thing is that the film has succeeded in making the country proud. It is being given four stars in the review. It is proving ‘agreed’ on the basis of praise. Please state here that John is not part of the Army. They were sent to Pokhran for a nuclear test by the PMO and this shows the impossible task.

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It’s a clean film, so there’s going to be a family crowd here. Kids will also enjoy watching it. Let me tell you that this movie was released late. The quarrel between the producers escalated to such an extent that even its promotional material was withdrawn. Its trailer also disappeared from YouTube. In July last year, the producers began promoting the film by revealing the look of Diana Panty. The film is co-produced by John Abraham and Crearge Entertainment. With this, a quarrel started between the two.

The whole promotion process is repeated for this photo. Its new teaser has been quite effective. Seeing which increases the curiosity about the picture. This story is being told in a teaser by Boman Irani. How the story of the nuclear test was written in India during the rule of Atal Bihari Vajpayee, his role is clear in the teaser. John will be seen in the dashing look here.

The atmosphere in this photo is fine. People go out a lot to see movies. The previous pictures have made a lot of money. ‘Raji’ has created the patriotic atmosphere that is required for a film like ‘Paramanu’.

Its director is Abhishek Sharma, who has made a political comedy film ‘Tere Bin Laden’. ‘Atomic’ was supposed to be released on December 6, then the date was changed twice. The screenplay was written by Savin Quadras and Yukta Chawla Sheikh.

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