Box Office: Huge crowd at ‘Dharak’, will earn more than expected

There may be more income than expected as there is a lot of crowd in the theater since morning.
Box Office: Huge crowd at 'Dharak', will earn more than expected

‘Dharak’ is now in theaters. Looking at the atmosphere of the first day’s show, it seems that the film will survive in the theaters.

The morning show is very crowded, the show is 50 percent full on average. In many cities, up to 70 percent of the seats have been filled. It has been released on 2235 screens, 556 screens abroad. Worldwide statistics 2791 screens.

It cost Rs 30 crore to make this film which is about two hours and 18 minutes long. Although ‘Dharak’ was able to collect Rs 8 crore on the first day, the current situation says that it is possible to earn Rs 10 crore.

Please note that the ending of the image has been changed. This is completely different from the climax of ‘Sairat’.

Due to being the first picture of Sridevi’s daughter Jahnavi, a different atmosphere is prevailing with it. In this situation, there is a lot of hope for the first day of the film.

The 21-year-old has been in the headlines for almost two years. The pressure of being Sridevi’s daughter and launching on the big screen with big banners like Karan Johar is also a big challenge for Jahnbi Kapoor. Ishan Khattar is in the lead role in the film with Jahnavi. Ishan’s entry in Hindi film too. He has previously acted in Majid Majidi’s Beyond the Clouds. Ishan is Shahid Kapoor’s mother’s son (from another father) and Jahnavi’s name is followed by Sridevi and Bani Kapoor.

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Directed by Shashank Khaitan, ‘Dharak’ has no original story of its own as it is a Hindi remake of the Marathi superhit film ‘Sairat’. Parvati i.e. Jahnavi and Madhukar i.e. Ishan will present exactly the love described by Rinku Rajguru and Akash Thosar in ‘Sairat’. Although ‘Sairat’ depicts rebellion in love and its tragic consequences, it is believed that Karan Johar’s party will not retaliate. Ashutosh Rana, Aishwarya Narkar and Ankit Bisht also have important roles in ‘Dharak’. The film has been cleared by the censor with ‘U’ certificate.

The film may do well in Metro but it is also expected to do well in Gujarat and Rajasthan as the taste of this part is given in the film. However, a big danger is that ‘Dharak’, from the trailer to the song of the film, could not be seen coming out of the push of ‘Sairat’. If the producers come up with some twists and turns and Jahnbi Kapoor’s headlines succeed in bringing his talent to the screen, the film could prove to be a long race horse.

‘Dharak’ director Shashank Khaitan had earlier made Humpty Sharma Ki Dulhania. Varun Dhawan – starring Alia Bhatt, which came out in 2014, collected nine crores on the first day. Then his ‘Badrinath Ki Dulhania’ collected 12 crores.

Dharak is not only Jahnavi, but also a test of Sridevi’s stardom in Bollywood. But the girl will regret for the rest of her life that her mother is no more in this world to see her on screen. With the help of Jahnavi Kapoor’s family, he saved himself from breaking up, but now he is waiting for the results of his ordeal to fulfill Sridevi’s dream.

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