Taking a tough decision after the violence broke out in Kanpur, the BJP has suspended party spokesperson Nopur Sharma and Delhi BJP media in-charge Naveen Kumar Jundal from the party’s core membership. After this move, the stance of BJP leaders has weakened. Naveen Kumar Jundal, the expelled spokesperson of the Delhi unit of the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), apologized for the incident, saying he had no intention of hurting anyone’s religious sentiments.

On the other hand, Nopur Sharma has also released a statement on her Twitter account after the suspension from the BJP. In it he wrote, ‘I have been going to the TV debate for the last several days. Every day my beloved Shiva was being insulted there. It was being said in front of me that this is not a shilling but a spring. Nopur Sharma added, “I was also told that there are many Shivlings on the sidewalks of Delhi, go and worship them. I could not bear the insult of my Mahadev Shiva in front of me like this and I got angry and said some things. If my words hurt anyone’s religious feelings, I withdraw my words. My intention was never to hurt anyone.