Best Experience Scuba Diving In Goa Before Monsoon Begins

Summer is the only season where many people plan a vacation around different places. It is the most popular time to go on a vacation so therefore it has become the most expensive season for trips and outings. This is the season where you want to beat the summer heat and plunge into some thrilling water activities and rides. Months and months go by deciding on a particular place where you can satisfy your hunger for water activities. As well as the prices of these activities will be within your means.

Do not worry, because we have brought for you a deal that will be less expensive and also you can enjoy no. Of various seawater sports. Goa! This is an ideal destination for summers. This place has it all from offering tranquilizing beaches as well as various exhilarating water sports. The water activities include Parasailing, Paragliding, Jetski, Bumper ride, Scuba Diving in Goa.

One of the popular sport that people try in Goa is Scuba diving. Scuba diving is not just a sport. It lets you experience the underwater world. People travel from various places just to experience this water activity. There are many Scuba diving tour Packages in Goa. Goa is the only place where you find scuba diving rates affordable. There will be pick up and drop service from your hotel to the diving spot.

There will be a scuba diving session that will for good 40 minutes. The training session would be for 20 minutes that includes the trainers teaching you the special skills and key signs which helps in defending yourself if there occurs any mishap underwater.

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While going for scuba-diving, Don’t overeat, as the experts will provide you the power foods for the pre-dive boost. It includes fruits, rice, Eggs, Salmon and beverages which helps in creating the energy and stamina during the dive and will also help in not letting you feel famished after the dive. It is the perfect way to see that if you have the aptitude for diving or if you are feeling comfortable under the water.

You may be ensnared by the popular beaches but there is more than just beaches in Goa that needs to be explored underwater. We at seawater sports have gathered famous diving spots where you would love to dive and witness the treasures of Goa. These are the most amazing diving spots that scuba divers love to explore. Below are the following spots:

Calangute beach

Scuba Diving in India

There are no.of scuba diving courses in Calangute beach. The divers will be provided with the required equipment that is breathing apparatus, snorkel, fins, a breathing tank, and the diving suit. These are the certification courses as there will be certified scuba training for the people along with the certificates.

They can also engage in a variety of other sports that include Parasailing in Goa, Jetski, Kayaking, and other water sports. There is nothing cooler than taking photographs and videos of the sea mammals and beautiful flora and fauna.

Baga beach

Baga Beach in Goa

Enjoy the diving experience in one of the prominent beaches in Goa. Baga beach, this beach will let you witness a rich variety of marine life and coral formations. The best part is you can also spot dolphins jumping and playing around in the seawater. You will be equipped with the proper scuba gear and trained experts, who will make your diving journey safe and enjoyable.

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Grand Island

This place is also referred to as Bat Island by many others.  This is an admired place to try out a various range of water sports.  Scuba diving in Grand Island is one of the famous spots in Goa. Going to Grand is exciting as it is there in itself as you get to witness the dolphins splash under the water.

You can try fishing and swimming too but scuba diving in Grand Island is beyond anything that you have experienced in Goa. The conditions of this Island is perfect for scuba-diving. The shallow water is suitable for beginners as well as for professional divers.

The water here is spotless where you can see the ocean life closely. You can observe the coral reefs, lobsters, sea cucumbers, turtles and other various aquatic marine mammals. Besides, you can get a chance to explore the world war ruins and sunken vessels that are deep on the ocean floor.

Suzy’s wreck

This is the most popular spot. You can observe the various remains of SS Rita, British cargo vessels which were built 50 years ago is the wreck lying on the sandy bottom near the Grand Island. The hull of the ship is now outgrown with the corals and that is common to all shipwrecks.

Divers can observe the tropical fish, barracuda, scorpion, batfish, parrotfish, Moorish Idols, Bannerfish, and many more exotic fishes.
It is suitable for both the beginners as well as the professionals. There will be no water currents so you can dive easily around this wreck.

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Shelter Cove

This is located on the northeast of Grand Island. Shelter Cove is a maximum of 6 meters deep. You can experience all the fun of Scuba diving here. There are minimal undercurrents. You can witness the stonefish, triggerfish, lionfish, parrotfish, angelfish and also a variety of other fishes. You can also observe the hawksbill turtles on some occasions. Watch out for lobsters too, also the sandy bottom where squids and cuttlefish come to lay their eggs.

Lobster avenue

The maximum depth of this spot is below 10 meters deep. Lobster Avenue is a rocky bottom interspersed with the sandy stretches where you find colorful tropical fishes which includes Parrotfish, You can spot lobsters, Moral eels that hideaway among the rocks. Turtles and reef rays do come. There are no strong undercurrents here so you can enjoy diving here without any worrying.

If these places are exciting for you then imagine how it would be to experience it in real?
So if you’re planning to Scuba Diving in Goa then indulge in this famous diving spots.

Goa is an adorable place that holds the unrivaled spots for the best scuba diving in Malvan over here, with its perfect conditions for diving and an unparalleled range of marine species to discover.

It allows you to witness coral reefs, crabs, fishes, and other marine creatures. For the best experience, try this adventure activities in Goa before the monsoon begins. During this period the seas are the calmest and surface conditions are best for diving. To make your experience thrilling and memorable Picnicwale offers you the best packages to enjoy scuba diving in Goa.

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