Mumbai: Everybody bathes during the day but bathing before going to bed at night is much more beneficial. Not only in summer, but also in cold weather, you must take a bath before going to bed at night.

Bathing with cold water instead of hot water is much more beneficial. It completely cleans the dirt of the body and also removes the fatigue of the whole day. There are many more benefits to taking a bath at night that everyone should be aware of.

According to a recent report of Indian Dermatology, two temperatures for bathing – hot water 210 Celsius and cold water 440 Celsius are considered ideal. Bathing with this ideal temperature water completely enhances immunity as well as anti-depressant and speeds up metabolism. It also helps a lot in keeping the mind calm.

Bathing at night brings a lot of beauty to the skin and also tightens the skin. Bathing with mild hot water relaxes the muscles a lot and the fatigue of the body is completely removed. Acute inflammation of the body is also reduced and migraine pain is also cured. And the body has full freshness and vitality.

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