‘Attack’ announced by John Abraham, will create a franchise

John Abraham is ready again with another action blast.
'Attack' announced by John Abraham, will create a franchise

John Abraham is ready again with another action blast. This time the name of the picture is ‘Attack’. John said he wanted to make the film a franchise.

John said, ‘A picture that has not yet been made in India. A team has been formed for the film and preparations will begin soon.

John has been fighting for a long time with his film ‘Atomic The Story of Pokhran’. The film is set to release on May 25. John will then be seen in Milap Xavier’s Satyamev Jayate, starring Manoj Vajpayee. Then the attack will start. John has created the story of the movie ‘Attack’ and he will be the main character in this movie. This film will be produced by John’s production company. Let me inform you that John Abraham has also signed Nikhil Advani’s Batla House picture. This is the story of the Batla House encounter in Delhi, which has caused a lot of controversy.

In a recent interview, John said, “I will never work with him. In this life, in the next life will not work with them? John says that this time he has learned from this whole incident that no matter how you make a movie, no matter how you work in life, never go ahead without believing and when you are going to work professionally, you have to keep this thing. Remember that there should be trust between the two parties.

John believes it was necessary to make a film based on this story because more than half of India still does not know the meaning of nuclear. It is not known what happened in Pokhran. Not only young people but also people between 30 and 35 years of age are not aware of this. John further said that Pokhran was a management student at the time of Test 2 and it was his first year of management. When he came to know about the nuclear test, he heard the speech of Atal Bihari Vajpayee. John says he wants to continue making films on all the topics that have influenced him so much in his personal life.

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