A boiler of a chemical factory in Hapoor district of Uttar Pradesh exploded this evening. Twelve people were killed and 21 were injured in the blast and fire. The critically injured have been admitted to Safdarjung Hospital and Meerut Medical College in Delhi. Three women were also injured. Several hours after the incident, the deceased could not be identified. Expressing regret over the accident, Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has directed to take action against the culprits after conducting an investigation by experts. Most of those killed and injured were residents of Shahjahanpur and Kishanganj in Bihar. Parveen Kumar, IG Meerut, said that the plot was allotted for making electronic devices, but the allottee rented out the plot to someone else without any notice and for making firecrackers illegally. The matter is under investigation. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has expressed his condolences to the families of those killed in a boiler explosion at a chemical factory in Hapoor, UP.

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Located in the 500-square-meter Dholana industrial area, the factory was licensed under the name of Manufacturing of Electronic and Electrical Equipment (Rohi Industries). Its owner Dilshad currently lives in New Burj Puri, Delhi, while he is originally from Meerut. He has leased the factory to Wasim, a resident of Hapoor. Illegal firecrackers were being made inside the factory. More than 28 workers and their families were in the factory at the time of the accident around 2.30 pm. The injured include Chhoiram (18), Yusuf (28), Syeda (18), Afsana (24), Sagar (23), Ankur (25), Rehan (21), Rajesh (23) and Manoj (25). Chand (18), Bablu (26), Abhino (19), Dilshad (18), Ejaz (22), Shyam (21), Saroj (22) of Bhandari village of Shahjahanpur, Kishanganj district of Bihar. ). Arya (20) A resident of Meerut.