Arrest of Tajinder Baga: The case of Delhi BJP leader Tejinder Pal Singh Baga will be heard in Punjab and Haryana High Court shortly. The hearing will be held at the request of Punjab Police. The sword of arrest is once again hanging over Tajinder Pal Singh Baga. It is believed that if the Punjab Police manages to prove its case in the AAP High Court, it may be allowed to arrest Tajinder Pal Singh Baga. It is said that Punjab Police has already prepared for this and has deployed its team in Delhi. A case was registered against Tajinder Pal Singh Baga in Punjab for making objectionable remarks against Arvind Kejriwal and in the past Punjab police had reached Delhi to arrest him. Amidst great commotion and drama, Tajinder Pal Singh returned home late at night.

Baga was arrested by Punjab police on Friday from his residence in Junkpuri. Punjab police, who were taking Baga to Mohali, were stopped by Haryana police in Crokshetra and Baga was handed over to Delhi police.

Unregistered statement by BJYM leader Baga

Earlier, Metropolitan Magistrate Nikita Kapoor’s statement could not be recorded in Dwarka court on Monday due to the absence of BJP YM leader Tejinder Pal Singh Baga in Delhi. Baga’s lawyers petitioned the court to retrieve Baga’s and her father’s ghost Paul’s mobile phone as well as increase security.

In court, Baga’s lawyer said he was not yet in Delhi. His statement will be recorded in court as soon as he arrives. A large police force was deployed in the court premises after Baga’s arrival on Monday. Advocate HK Panda said the matter would be heard again at 2 pm on Tuesday. Advocate PS Singh said that Preet Pal Singh, father of Tejidar Pal Singh Baga, had registered a case of kidnapping at Junkpuri police station. In this case, the police had to come to the court to record a statement under section 164 regarding Tejinder Pal Singh Baga.