Amazon Online Shopping: E-commerce website Amazon sometimes sells things that people are surprised to see. In the past too, many strange things have been sold on such online shopping. Many items were sold, including dung cakes, tree leaves, and expensive bathroom buckets. Another case has come to light in which the stones have been listed for sale on Amazon. Stones that you will find in any mountainous area. But Amazon is selling it on its website. In addition to selling these weird things, Amazon is also keeping their prices very high.

Amazon is selling stones at a price of Rs.

Surprisingly, Amazon has also kept its price very high. The non-Polish Black River stone that people keep in their homes for decoration. Amazon has priced it at Rs 499. And these stones are available with 33% discount. Even after the discount, these stones are being sold at such a high price. While its original price is Rs 740. These stones will arrive at the delivery address in two to three days after ordering. People bring stones to place on a wooden table to decorate their home. It’s amazing how people sell rocks online like this.

Such was the reaction of the people

There have been mixed reactions from people selling these stones listed on Amazon. One consumer talked about selling potatoes, onions, and tomatoes at the same price as these stones. At the same time, one said, “Whether the first customer is found or not, stones are being sold for Rs. 500 per kg.” Farmers’ onions, potatoes and tomatoes should also get this price. That is our prayer. ” On the other hand, another wrote in his review that ‘we have three big rivers. Anyone who needs it, get it for free. Just don’t be silly. ‘ Amazon’s post is now going viral on social media.

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