Alok Nath, who is suffering from mental anguish over Binita Nanda’s allegations, will speak after he recovers

Alok Nath’s lawyer said legal action would be taken if necessary.
Alok Nath, who is suffering from mental anguish over Binita Nanda's allegations, will speak after he recovers

Mumbai The Tanushree Dutt-Nana Patekar controversy is still raging that a letter written by TV writer, director and producer Binita Nanda has sparked controversy. Vinita Nanda wrote in one of her letters on Facebook that one of the lead actors of the serial misbehaved with her on set and elsewhere while working on ‘Tara’ serial. Binita did not name, but there are rumors on social media that she is actor Alok Nath. Now the matter has taken a new turn.

Alok Nath’s lawyer Ashok says that after all these incidents and allegations, Alok Nath is going through mental anguish. His health is not good now, so he will not talk to the media about this for the time being. She kept her word. Now that he is well, he will talk to reporters in a few days. He also said that legal action would be taken if necessary.

At the same time, Vinita further said that Alok Nath’s wife, who was a very good friend of his, knew about Alok Nath’s work. But despite that, he did nothing about it or help her, while Alok Nath said that my wife and family know the truth and they are ready to support me.

The issue of sexual harassment has intensified since actress Tanushree Dutt expressed her views openly. Now many women in the industry have come out in public. On Tuesday, Binita Nanda pointed a finger at actor Alok Nath and accused him. Vinata Nanda is the author of TV show Tara. He has given complete information about this through Facebook post. She says she was sexually assaulted during that TV show.

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Let it be known that Alok Nath has made it clear that he will not comment on this at this time. Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; The right thing will come out on its own in time. Then now his lawyer has spoken.

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