Alia said, I will tell Katrina to like my picture.

Katrina recently wrote some posts on Instagram that were probably for Alia.
Alia said, I will tell Katrina to like my picture.

Alia Bhatt is one of Katrina Kaif’s close friends. The two recently appeared on a show as best friends. But, since the news of Alia and Ranbir Kapoor’s intimacy started coming, there have been rumors that Alia and Katrina Kaif’s relationship has broken down.

Katrina recently wrote some posts on Instagram, which led to speculation that Katrina wrote the post sadly for Alia. Meanwhile, during the recent launch event of a bag collection, when Alia was asked if there is news these days that Katrina doesn’t like your picture, is she angry at you? Alia replied, “If likes on Instagram are really the barometer of our relationship, then I would like to ask Katrina to like my picture.” I’ve always loved Katrina. Alia further said that friendship does not have to have photo updates. Alia says that she herself did not know in her picture who likes and who does not like. Alia joked that I was going to give a nice picture and ask Katrina to like it.

In such a situation, when Alia was asked on the same occasion if she would like to give the bag as a gift, she mentioned Katrina’s name and said that she would like to give Katrina a pink bag pack. However, he further said that since Jahnbi Kapoor has started in the industry, he would also like to give her a welcome gift as he has done a great job in ‘Dharak’.

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