Alia-Ranbir kissing scene cut cultured sensor

Abuse has also been removed and the ban on smoking has been increased.
Alia-Ranbir kissing scene cut cultured sensor

The censor board has asked Ranbir Singh and Alia Bhatt to shorten a kissing scene and remove some offensive dialogues from the upcoming film Alley Boy released this week. There was a kissing scene in the picture, which was 13 seconds long. It has now been truncated and will be shown in a wide shot instead of a close one. A brand of wine has been blocked from it. There were also some insults in ‘Abuse Boy’, which have been replaced with light words.

Gali Boy is directed by Zoya Akhtar. This movie will be released on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. This image is 155 minutes long and was certified by the Censor Board on 8 February. Note that Pahlaj Nihalani was released in August 2017. Central Board of Film. Resigned as chairman of certification

He made many cuts in films that earned him the title of Mr. Culture, and many memes and jokes were made about him. However, even after Prasoon Joshi became the president, harshness has been shown on the kissing scene.

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