After a year and a half, a new ‘road’ will come, Alia’s condition is not clear

It is yet to be decided whether Alia Bhatt will be the heroine in the film.
After a year and a half, a new 'road' will come, Alia's condition is not clear

The second part of ‘Sarak’ starring Sanjay Dutt, which was released 28 years ago, is expected to start this year and Bhatt Camp is ready for it. Although the release date has been announced, Starcast is still not fixed.

The sequel to Mahesh Bhatt-produced ‘Sarak’ will be released on November 15, 2019. The Bhat camp will make it, but for now the rest has been kept secret. The names of the directors and actors will be announced soon. Sanjay Dutt has visited Mahesh Bhatt’s office several times in the past, so it is expected that he will be in the film as in the previous ‘Sarak’. Sanjay Dutt will be in the lead role in ‘Sarak 2’ but the director is yet to decide. There is news that Pooja Bhatt can enter the field of director.

Last year, Pooja said that she was focusing on Sanjay Dutt’s frustration in ‘Sarak 2’, which he suffered after he became addicted to drugs. At one point, Sanjay Dutt said that he would definitely like to be a part of the film whenever the road is rebuilt. Sanjay Dutt played an extraordinary role in ‘Sarak’. She fell in love with a sex worker who fought with time and was in the role of boyfriend. Some descriptions of this have been made recently.

That being said, this time the story is being written about the thinking of the new age. But relationships and love will be given equal importance. That being said, Pooja doesn’t want any chocolate boy in the character of Young Generation. The protagonist will have a masculine personality and the heroine will also have the quality of carrying emotions. Now the biggest question is, is Alia Bhatt the first to decide to work for her father Mahesh Bhatt? Work on the film was supposed to start last year but it didn’t happen. The biggest reason for this was the madness of Alia Bhatt.

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Razi was followed by Ranbir Singh with Zoya Akhtar’s ‘Goli Boy’ and then Ranbir Kapoor’s ‘Brahmastra’ with Karan Johar’s production. That is why ‘Road 2’ has been postponed. However, it is not yet certain that Alia Bhatt will be the heroine in this film.

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