No Sankalp Xavier, Udaipur: Rahul Gandhi addressed the workers on the last day of Congress Chantan Xavier in Udaipur, Rajasthan. Meanwhile, he drew attention to the shortcomings of the party and said that our relationship with the people was over. That relationship needs to be reconnected. Referring to the party’s tug-of-war, he said that the entire focus of the Congressmen was on who was getting which post. In this day and age, we do not have to look at what is happening inside the party, but look at what the party is doing outside. For this we have to go to the people. He also called for the implementation of the principle of “one family, one ticket” during the elections.

Highlights of Rahul Gandhi’s speech

  • The Congress party has decided that in the month of October, the entire Congress party will go and travel among the people.
  • The relationship that the Congress had with the people will be restored. This is not going to happen with shortcuts and this can only be done by sweating.
  • We must sit in public without thinking. Their problem must be understood. The relationship we had with the people will have to be reconnected.
  • People know that only the Congress party can take the country forward.
  • The present government has ruined the future of India’s youth. Unemployment on the one hand, inflation on the other, war has broken out in Ukraine, in the future it will have an effect on inflation.
  • My fight is against the ideology of RSS and BJP, against those who spread violence and hatred, this is the fight of my life, I am not ready to believe that so much hatred can spread in our country.
  • There are great forces against us but I am not afraid of these forces.