Aamir did not firecrackers on Diwali but it was a habit.

Aamir Khan used to fire crackers from time to time but later gave up this job completely.
Aamir did not firecrackers on Diwali but it was a habit.

Aamir Khan wants to keep his son Azad away from Patka because he too gave up Patka many years ago. Incidentally, Amir is also afraid of Patka. Stay away from them by taking care of the environment.

Sharing his childhood memories of Diwali, Aamir said that in the past he used to explode occasionally but later he gave up this job completely. He said that since childhood he used to play three patti. He used to play three patti with all the children in his apartment. He used to play for a thousand rupees. What is special is that when their parents found out about it, they were also beaten.

Aamir says he has been playing poker continuously for the last few years and he enjoys it a lot. She loves to light the lamp in the house. We tell you that usually Aamir’s pictures are not released in Diwali. This is the first time that any of his films is being released in Diwali after ‘Andaaz Apna Apna’. We tell you that Aamir’s picture guess has just turned 20 recently.

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