A robot hit the eye, sticks out the tongue, the video has now gone viral on social media

Mumbai – A video is becoming increasingly viral on social media these days. Where a robot is seen behaving exactly like a human. Whose face is a replica of Albert Einstein’s face. In the video uploaded to Instagram, a robot with Einstein’s iconic hairstyle is seen smiling humorously.

The robot first shakes its head, rolls its eyes, blinks and sticks out its tongue. The video was uploaded on April 8 from an Instagram account called MakeupShall. The video has been viewed more than a million times and received over 61,000 likes and countless comments. Some people were affected by this video, while some people were not.

One user wrote, ‘Please don’t make him alive, I don’t want to see my Albert Einstein like this.’ Another wrote, ‘Imagination is one of the most skilled scientists and theorists, and people use your mouth for it.’ A third user wrote, ‘It’s too scary.’

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