A tragic road accident took place on Jalor Barmer Road in Gadamlani area of ​​Barmer district of Jodhpur division in which 8 people were killed. All are said to be residents of Sanchore who were returning from a wedding when a truck and an SUV collided head-on. The clash was so severe that 5 people died on the spot. Three others died at the hospital. One’s condition is still critical.

Soon the joys of marriage in the family turned to mourning. It is said that the truck was carrying bundles of clothes from Balutra to Ahmedabad. The same three vehicles had left Syedia for the wedding program of Kandhi Dhani. The groom’s car was ahead, they had reached home. The XUV was behind and a car was behind them. The truck and SUV collided head-on.

The incident took place just 5 km from Gadamlani towards Ramji Ka Gol. The clash was so severe that 5 people were killed on the spot. Police reached the spot after the incident. With the help of 108 ambulances, the bodies were placed in the morgue of the community health center. The injured were taken to Gadamlani Community Health Center. One died during treatment. The three injured were referred to Sanchore where two more succumbed to their injuries. One is seriously injured and is undergoing treatment. After the incident, a traffic jam occurred on the national highway, which was opened by Gadamlani police on the spot. After the incident, the truck driver fled the scene, which is being searched by the police.

The death of these people

According to police, a fierce collision took place between XUV and Tuck near Beta Fanta. Poonaram son Dhi Ram and his son Manish son Poonmar resident Khara, Prince son Mangi Lal resident Sedia, Bhagirath son Pokhara Ram resident Janjani, Bhanmal and Manohar died on the spot. At the same time, the injured were taken to the Community Health Center, where doctors also declared Golia Garwa, a resident of Pima Ram, Prakash’s son, dead. The same Badharam son of Kanaram was made head constable and Mangi Lal son of Ninram resident of Sidia and Prakash son of Harjiram resident of Khara were referred to Sanchore. While Badharam son of Kanaram head constable and Mangi Lal son of Ninaram resident of Sedia died during treatment, Prakash son of Harji Ram is undergoing treatment.