5 Things to Do To Prevent Dengue Fever

Dengue is a huge problem in India as well as in the rest of the world. However it’s not contagious but it’s a deadly disease. The main reason behind dengue is the mosquito that carries the dengue virus. It starts with fever, joint pain, rash and nausea. 

If not treated on time it can cause damage to blood and lymph vessels and lead to dengue hemorrhagic fever, which is marked by difficulty breathing, bruising and bleeding from the nose, gums or under the skin and can even lead to death. 

Here are 5 things you can do to protect yourself from dengue fever. 

Use Mosquito Repellent

As mentioned above, dengue is not a airborne disease, it is carried by mosquito and thus one prevention can be to keep mosquito away. And to do so, you can use insect repellents. 

But, insect repellents are effective only in closed areas not in open. There are avarious types of insect repellents like sprays, and electronic machine that uses radio frequencies or liquid to keep them away. If you’re iside your home you can use machine and if you’re outside then you should carry a spray or cream. 

Maintain Hygiene

Maintaining proper hygiene can protect you from dengue as uncleanliness invites mosquitos. So take bath daily, wash your cloths daily, do not store water inside your house. 

You should also keep changing cooler water (if you use) or you should avoid air cooler at all as it’s already cold weather. 

Wear Full Sleev Cloths:

If you keep your body exposed to the mosquitos then there is high chance that mosquitos won’t mind to gift you dengue fever. 

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To avoid that, try to wear full sleev cloths and keep your body covered as much as possible. It will keep protect you from mosquito bite and ultimately from dengue fever. 

Use Mosquito Net

80% people get dengue fever while sleeping as you cannot resist to mosquito bites while sleeping. And that’s why it is advised to use mosquito nets at nights and make sure there’s no hole in the net otherwise it’ll create more problem than preventing you from the mosquitos. 

Keep Your Surroundings Clean:

The biggest problem in India is not mosquitos but people who are accustomed to filth. There are garbage, water logging everywhere in the country no matter how big or small city is. We all study in our schools that we should keep our surroundings clean to protect ourselves from diseases but these things are only limited to textbooks. 

In reality, were irresponsible people who only know to blame others. No one wants to get their hand dirty. 

No matter how big and beautiful your house is, if your surroundings are not clean, you’re not safe from dengue or any other disease.