20000 shows and 4000 screens … ‘Bahubali 2’ will be released on a large scale ‘2.0’

It will be released seven days later, with advance bookings starting on the 25th.
20000 shows and 4000 screens ... 'Bahubali 2' will be released on a large scale '2.0'

There is a lot of news coming out about ‘2.0’ starring Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar. It is said that it is getting more screens in Hindi region than ‘Bahubali 2’. It is being released by AA Films and will get over 4000 screens. It is also being installed on 17 IMAX 3D screens. This number may increase in the next seven days. It will have at least 21000 shows in Hindi Belt. Will be released after seven days. Advance booking can start from 25th. On the first day it will get at least 25 crore rupees. South India is expected to earn more as Rajinikanth will also be seen there.

The sensor has recently passed it with ‘U / A’ certificate. It is two and a half hours long. Incidentally, it set a box office record before its release. Released on November 29, the film has received a pre-release theater advance of around Rs 125 crore. To date, no Tamil film has received such a large sum. Rather, it is the first Kollywood film to cross the 100 crore mark. It is the most expensive film in India, costing around Rs 600 crore. It has been released in Tamil, Telugu and Hindi. This is the first Indian film to be shot entirely in 3D format.

The trailer of the much awaited movie ‘2.0’ has been launched on November 3. Watching this trailer is an experience in itself. Launching it at the grand event, the producers claimed that the film was a milestone in the history of Indian cinema in terms of technology. This is the first film in India where 4D sound technology has been used.

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The sequel to Shankar’s Robot / Indhiran has been in the news for the last two years. The international standard VFX used in the film alone cost about $ 75 million. According to the data, the total cost of the film has now exceeded Rs 600 crore. Due to its budget, Film 2.0 has become the most expensive film in Indian cinema. After its release in Tamil and Hindi, the film will be dubbed in ten languages. Hindi 2.0 will be released by Karan Johar and Anil Thadani’s (Ravina Tandon’s husband) company.

Earlier, director S Shankar also spoke about the role of Akshay Kumar in the film. He said that his character is not what people think of Akshay. Shankar said those who speculate that Akshay Kumar is playing a croman (crow-man) in the film are baseless. When the teaser of Rajinikanth and Akshay Kumar’s ‘2.0’, the highest grossing film of Indian cinema, was released on the occasion of Ganesh Chaturthi, millions of people watched it.

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