20 years of ‘Satya’, Ramu has revealed these secrets this time

Ramu wrote a long note, telling the truth behind the truth, creating each character in the film and telling the story of the craft.
20 years of 'Satya', Ramu has revealed these secrets this time

Before Ram Gopal Varma’s time-honored classic ‘Satya’, no one has portrayed the Mumbai underworld so convincingly on the big screen. Satya, Ramu portrayed the world of Mumbai through characters like Kallu Maa, Bhikhu Matra, which was earlier shown on the movie screen, but far from the truth.

Ram Gopal Verma’s ‘Satya’ will turn 20 on July 3. On this occasion, Ramu describes how the true, fictional character became the identity and symbol of the Mumbai underworld. Ramu writes a long note, telling the truth behind the truth, telling the story of creating and crafting each character in the film, also in a very interesting way, which will not be a word after reading. Read Ramu’s note …

‘Truth’ has turned out to be the producer’s killer

I have heard the names of Dawood Ibrahim and some other thugs due to the 1993 series explosion. But have you ever wondered what the underworld really is? Then one day I was sitting in the office of a producer and he got a call that a famous person had been shot dead by a group. The producer was telling me that the man who had been shot woke up at 8 in the morning and I called him in the morning. He was going to meet a friend around 8:30.

He said he would come to see them, but was killed around 9 p.m. It is a human habit that when someone suffers such a violent and unexpected death, they remember every moment what happened to him. When the producer was talking, because it’s my habit to think all the time from a movie standpoint, I thought, “If that guy was killed at 8 in the morning, when would his killers wake up?” Does he tell his mother to get up very early to go out on an important business? He must have had breakfast before or after the murder? “

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These kinds of things keep coming to my mind as I reconcile the moments between the murdered person and the murderer. Then it suddenly occurred to me that we only hear about these thugs when they are murdered or murdered. But what do they do? This was the first thought that came true.

Urmila’s character comes from Oshiwara

A friend of mine lives on the fourteenth floor of Oshiwara. He spoke of an incident. A man lived on the floor above his building. My friend would often bump into him in the elevator and they would ask each other about his health, such as hello, how are you or happy Diwali. Then one day my friend’s wife said that the man had been taken away by the police. One aspect of Mumbai is that you live in a building for years, but you don’t know who your neighbors are. In fact, Urmila’s track came from this thought. Urmila’s character doesn’t know who the ‘truth’ is, yet she builds a relationship with him.

The beggar came out in a rage

One day I met a gentleman named Ajit Diwani, who was the former secretary of Mandakini. Mandakini was David’s girlfriend at the time and it is alleged that Ajit knew some thugs and met them. In a conversation with me he spoke of one of his experiences. He went to the house of a goon whose brother was killed by the police. His brother was also a gangster. Ajit said the goon was abusing his brother’s body because he did not listen to him, which led to his death.

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It shocked me because I had never heard of a corpse being abused. Then I thought and got the answer that a goon was a rebel and the dead man snatched the power to save his brother without listening to him, which made the brother angry. The incident becomes the soul of the bhikkhu-only character, which is seen in the scene when the bhikkhu was upset at Chandra’s death.

(Manoj Vajpayee played the role of Bhikhu Matre. It is still one of the best performances of Manoj’s career)

The Kallu Mama character comes from Borivali’s Gangster

I went to a beer bar in Baribali in search of a location, where I met a man who happened to be a former gangster. I did not like his behavior. Then when I was shooting in the same area, I met that person again, but then I thought he was a complete change. Then I realized that at the first meeting, he was showing me the same picture, which I thought he was.

Many celebrities do it. If they think someone is considering them as big people, then their body language changes. This is because they are pretending to look like that. Obviously, if you pretend to be something else, it doesn’t last long. From here I got the true Kallu Mama. When a producer comes to see him, Kallu’s mother pretends to be a big gangster, but in reality he is a clown inside the gang, which people will find out later. Since the creator himself is coming up with the idea that he is going to meet a dangerous gangster, he tries to portray the same image.

(Sourav Shukla played the role of Kallu’s mother, which made her famous all over the country)

The success of the truth is not mine

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At the end of this article, Ramu would like to thank all those who have contributed to the creation of ‘Satya’. Ramu says- I don’t try to be humble when I say that mistakes are mine and good things belong to others. I was swimming in the power of Anurag (Kashyap), Sourav (Shukla), Manoj (Vajpayee), Urmila (Matondkar), Chakri, Makrand (Deshpande), Bishal, Sandeep, Alan and Gerard and everyone else and somehow succeeded. This is the true meaning of burning up of bad psychic imprints. You can read the full text of this letter from Ram Gopal Verma, which he tweeted below.

National award for Manoj Vajpayee

Satya is considered to be the first film in the country to show organized crime on screen. Truth, released in 1998, is the story of a simple-minded young man who comes to Mumbai from South India in search of employment, but becomes a part of the underworld due to circumstances. The film is scripted by Anurag Kashyap, music is directed by Vishal Bharadwaj and Sandeep Chauta. The songs in the film are written by Gulzar.

The songs from ‘Sapne Mein Miti Hai’ and ‘Veja Shore Karta Hai’ became very popular. The film is cinematographed by Gerard Hooper. At that time it cost around Rs 2 crore to shoot and did business of Rs 15 crore. The truth is that this is one of the few films that has been given full marks by critics. Satya won many awards including 6 Filmfare and 4 Star Screens. Manoj Vajpayee also received the National Award for Best Supporting Actor.

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